Meeting and planning

Publicerad 2015-09-15 12:30:44 i Allmänt,

Today we had a meeting / brainstorming session where we tried to get some clarity of what we actually want to do and what hadware we are going to need. At the moment these are the ideas that we have:
* Neon-like LEDs underneath the stroller
* Turn-signal lights (button activated)
* Siren-light
* Speaker (button / MC handle activated for motor-like sound)
* Distance sensor (behind stroller, turn off all lights / sounds if the kid leaves the stroller)
These are some ideas that we currently have, since it was a brainstorming session, none of the ideas above are final but might give some kind of picture of what we are planning on doing.
We think that these ideas are enough for this project and that we shouldn't make it more complex than it has to be. This is a childrens toy and should be easy to use and we will need time to write the software for all of this functionallity so we have to plan accordingly.
For the ideas above, we will need the following hardware:
* Walking stroller
* LEDs (~10 pcs)
* Arduino
* Cables
* Speaker (Arduino component)
* Distance sensor (Arduino component)
* Buttons (Arduino component)


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