Disassembly session (Workshop)

Publicerad 2015-09-04 09:59:17 i Allmänt,

Today each of us brought an electronic device that we could spare to disassemble. The electronics we had was: 
* 2x Smartphone
* Speaker
* Headphones
Since it was hard to get into the speaker and the headphones since they were glued together, we decided on working with one of the smartphones. The smartphone was a fairly advanced Samsung galaxy S3 which was surprisingly easy to open.
It was clear that the phone was made for being easily dissassembled, the screws were as few as possible and most big conponents such as cameras and speakers were easly unhookable by just removing a contact. We removed and identified the motherboard, the large camera, the small camera, the reciever, the sensors, the SIM-holder and the antenna. 
One thing we took from the experience was that it is more important to design a product of high value to easily be assembled and dissasembled that to make it as compact (and therefor complex) as possible. Contacts takes more place than Tin but are 100 times faster to deal with.


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