Working code!!!

Publicerad 2015-09-30 10:33:00 i Allmänt,

A few days ago we made some working code!

We wrote a Python script that is able to read input from both the distance sensor and a button making a lamp light up and the speaker play a sound respectively.
When it comes to code we are looking to make the distance sensor be the activator for the rest of the code so that the program gets activated when someone gets close to the stroller. We also want sound soundbites to play when the program activates (for example a motor idling) and make some code for the turn signals.

The next step is to buy a stroller so that we can get working on the more physical aspect of the work!

Newly bought components!

Publicerad 2015-09-29 11:04:00 i Allmänt,

Yesterday we took a field trip to buy some components for our raspberry pi.
We bought ourselves some resistors, hoping that the problems with our distance sensor will disappear when we have less resistance on everything.
We also got ourselves a speaker as well as some 3-color LEDs to use for blinkers and flashing lights.
We hope to make some kind of working example from this soon!

Setting up Raspberry Pi

Publicerad 2015-09-25 10:50:21 i Allmänt,

This week we have big news, we have chosen to leave the Arduino behind to make room for the more powerful Raspberry Pi. This decision was made due to the fact that the Raspberry Pi is more developer friendly with an OS and thereby seems to suit our need better.
We have created a repository with some baseplate code for establishing an internet connection which means that we no longer need to use an external screen for the device but only ssh into it via terminal over the internet and can thereby work more efficiently.
Today we also got our ultrasonic distance sensor which we began playing with. We quickly noticed that we would need more equipment, especially more suitable resistors than what was available. We are planning on acquiring these components during the weekend or at latest at the start of week. 
The next step is to acquire all of the required components to be able to start assembling the basic functions of our toy. We think that this is more important at the moment than getting the toy itself since one we have the Raspberry Pi working with corresponding software all we need to do is to mount it on the toy.

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